Full stack leader
for modern digital businesses


Named as One to watch and One of the most influential leaders in digital, Damian is an innovative leader with a tangible record of impact and growth for agencies focussed on people, purpose and profit.


Accomplished at every layer required to lead and succeed in modern businesses.

Customer Focus

Listening, measuring and experimenting to drive continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Culture + Connection

Building diverse teams to maximise perspectives and sharing empathy and inspiration to maintain momentum.

Business Strategy

Mapping the landscape to focus investment and turn vulnerability into value that can be leveraged for growth.

Data + Digital

Unlocking potential through digital enablement and turning data into insight that creates competitive advantage.

Critical Thinking

Mastering the best of what others have already figured out to feed a growth mindset and lead with curiosity.


A full stack leader who has crafted the diverse skillset required to empower people, deliver growth and navigate ambiguity with bold ideas.

Multi-award winning leader with twenty years experience in the digital sector and accomplished at every layer required to lead and succeed in modern businesses.

I’m an award digital agency leader with a penchant for growing businesses with a focus on a triple bottom line of people, purpose and profit.For over 20 years I have been driving business impact and strategic growth by orchestrating operational, cultural and technological enhancements for both agency and clients across an array of different sectors and situations. I have collaborated with people from grass roots to board level, navigating the unique challenges and dynamics whilst maximising my exposure to new models, cultures, experiences and ideas.My success has come from my ability to engage and inspire, building trust through clarity of vision, empathetic leadership and drawing on my deep experience collaborating with some of the sharpest minds inside the UK’s leading organisations.


Maximising exposure to new models, experiences and ideas by working with people from grass roots to board level.

UK Regional Director

Versett (formerly Domain7)

Hired by Domain7 to turn around the fortunes of the seventeen strong, UK arm of the global transformation design agency and bring the business to profitability as part of a successful acquisition by Versett in March 2022.Versett is a full end-to-end consultancy for complex and growth-focused organisations. We provide deep experience across higher education, public service, retail, financial services, and many other industries. We are working to humanise the web and work with people and communities to enable them to shift to healthier, more collaborative, and people-centric futures.


National Deaf Children's Society

The National Deaf Children’s Society is the leading charity for deaf children. They give expert support on childhood deafness, raise awareness and campaign for deaf children’s rights, so they have the same opportunities as everyone else.I work together with the other trustees on the board to provide leadership to the charity. We decide on the strategy and direction of the charity so that they can support current and future members and achieve their charity objectives. With an annual turnover of over £20 million, the Trustees are also legally responsible for making sure that the charity is solvent, well-run, spends its money wisely and complies with all relevant laws and regulation.


Starter for Ten

Set up a county wide schools initiative to grow a more diverse talent pool for the digital industry by introducing young people to the careers within it, through the agencies who make it happen.


The privilege of challenging and collaborating with some of the sharpest minds inside the UK’s leading agencies and organisations.

It is important that you lead from the front, have strong commercial awareness and a strategic mindset. Damian has all these qualities in abundance. When Damian speaks, people listen, and so they should! He is passionate, knowledgeable and commercially astute.

— Managing Director, 3Sixty Digital

Damian defined more actionable business insights on one whiteboard than we had from our last strategic consultants in over three years.

— Managing Director, Kinetico

I love pitching with Damian, not only because we always win, but he commands great energy in the room and is a fantastic people person and I have learnt a great deal from him.

— Founder, Street Agency

We disagree with you, but we also trust you implicitly, so we are going to go with you on this one.

— Marketing Director, Organix

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